New Website!

September 2018 ยท 2 minute read


This website used to be a single-page application that operated like a very basic flat-file content management system. I created it with Angular. While it was a fun project, it was overkill for a personal website. There was no need to use Angular for a website that I was updating with simple static content.

I started a new job earlier this year. Maintaining the old website quickly became a low priority task that I never revisited. However, I still want to have a place to generate and share content about my adventures and technical developments.

I decided to start from scratch with a fast, straightforward, static website framework called Hugo. Using Hugo will allow me to create drafts and publish site updates much more quickly than I was able to with my old Angular site. Hugo also has an active community with tons of open-sourced design templates, which means that my new site requires very little input from me when it comes to maintaining a clean and professional look.

Using Hugo will also allow me to more easily cross-share posts that I create on Medium and on my company’s blog. I expect to start cross-posting on technical development topics in the fall of 2018.

I hope you enjoy the new design! Cheers.

Sincerely, Chris